Socket Preservation Procedure

Preserving Your Jaw Bone after Extraction

Pain, infection, bone loss, or fracture of the teeth are all valid reasons for tooth removal. Oftentimes, the tooth socket is damaged by ongoing infections which causes the jaw to look deformed post tooth extraction. Also, the bone and gums surrounding the teeth requiring extraction can shrink and recede quickly thus resulting in deformations and sinking of the lips and cheeks. Resulting jaw defects bring about problems in restorative dentistry whether the treatment involves dentures, dental implants or bridges.

A procedure called Socket preservation is however used to prevent and repair jaw deformities resulting from teeth removal.

To preserve the bone and minimize bone loss after an extraction, we make use of different techniques. The socket is filled with bone substitutes and then covered with an artificial membrane or gum to encourage the body’s natural repair of the sockets after removal of the tooth. Our method allows the socket to heal fast without room for shrinkage or collapse of the surrounding facial tissues as well as provide a strong base required for an implant to replace the removed tooth.

On your dental visit for tooth removal, be sure to ask if socket preservation is necessary. Let us improve your smile. Call in today.