TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR™ is a cutting-edge technology which uses a single procedure to offer patients fully functioning teeth on dental implants within an hour. Nobel Biocare created this concept, and benefits from the joint work of both the oral surgeon and the restorative doctor. This convergence of knowledge and experience enhances safety as well as precision. Also, the production of a final prosthesis is finished prior to surgery. Computer-aided surgery allows for more minimally invasive surgery and more accurate results. The advantages include less postoperative discomfort, less bruising, and less swelling. Patients can usually continue their day-to-day activities the next day. 

The process starts by taking a CAT scan of the individual jaw bone. This CAT scan enables the generation of a 3D model of the jaw bone that the clinician can then utilize with virtual reality software to plan the insertion of the implants in the absence of the patient. This leads to more precise implant placement and reduced office visits for the patient.