Facial Trauma

An oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon is a specialist trained to provide repair for facial injuries as well as other facial treatments either for cosmetic enhancement or following trauma. They provide emergency care, acute care, long term rehabilitation, or reconstruction of the face due to injuries. They combine both the science and art to skillfully treat fractures of the face based on their years of training experience, and they understand that the outcomes of the treatment impact the patients’ life-long function and appearance.

Our board-certified surgeons are seasoned professionals who are skilled, trained, and equipped with modern equipment to treat and manage facial traumas. They provide top-class planned and emergency management of facial injuries which involves conditions such as:

Maxillofacial Trauma

Accidents such as automobile accidents fall, injuries during sports, violent attacks, animal attacks, and workplace injuries contribute to the highest causes of facial trauma. Traumatic injury to the face ranges to simple cuts to the skin to more severe injuries to the teeth and bones of the face. Facial trauma can either be soft tissue trauma involving the skin and gums, facial bone fractures, or damage to specialized organs like the nerves, salivary glands, or the eye.

Managing Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue trauma to the face, such as skin lacerations are repaired by suturing the affected skin. However, special care is given to ensure there is a proper cosmetic outcome after the treatment. A thorough inspection is also performed to rule out injury to the particular structure like salivary glands and their outflow ducts, nerves, and vessels. Our specialists are trained to diagnose and treat any form of facial laceration.

BONE Trauma of the Face

Just like fracture of the bone in any part of the body, facial bone fracture is treated similarly. The type of treatment, however, is dependent on factors such as the location of the fracture, the complexity of the fracture, the age of the patient, and the general stability of the patient. However, unlike other parts of the body where a cast in place to keep the bone in place, facial bone requires unique materials to stabilize the bones since a cast cannot be placed on the face.

An option is wiring the jaws in some fractures involving the upper and lower jaws, and other fractures are treated by simply placing small plates and screws over the involved bones. This method allows for healing without having to tie the jaws together. The technique is known as rigid fixation of the broken bone; this method has improved the outcomes for many patients, making them return to normal life functions in a shorter time.

The goal of facial fracture treatment is to restore function and minimize damage to the patient’s physical appearance. The surgeons use minimal incisions to access the facial bones so that the resultant scar becomes invisible.


It is not uncommon to have isolated injuries to the teeth, and whenever this occurs, various dental specialists will take part in the treatment. The Oral surgeons treat patients with displaced, knocked out or teeth reimplantation; or fractures of the supporting bones. The procedure involves the use of splints (wires) to hold and stabilize the teeth together. A knocked-out tooth should be placed in milk or salt water, and it should be reinserted into the socket at the shortest possible time to increase its chances of survival. It is essential to consult a dentist or oral surgeon immediately.

Also, don’t attempt to wipe off a tooth; this is because this may damage the attached ligament and may limit the chance of successful reimplantation of the tooth. Other specialists may come in during the treatment, an endodontist may treat the root canal, and restorative dentists may help repair or remold fractured teeth. If the affected teeth cannot be restored, an implant becomes the only viable alternative as a substitute for the missing teeth.

For a proper diagnosis, treatment, and favorable management of facial injuries to give the best cosmetic advantage, our specialists at Gaston Clinic are equipped for emergency care, acute treatment, and a life-long rehabilitation for our patients.