Implant Supported Overdenture

An implant-supported Overdenture is a modern, durable, and sophisticated restoration that has completely changed the mindset of surgeons and dentists in regards to how they replace a complete set of teeth. Standard dentures are non-fixed prostheses with obvious limitations. In most cases, like many other prostheses, they are painful, uncomfortable, and unstable. This type of denture can make it difficult to chew food and therefore limit the types of meals you may have enjoyed previously.

Modern implant dentistry has revolutionized these standard prosthesis.

The implant compatible overdenture replaces missing teeth with a full bridge supported by multiple dental implants. Fewer implants are required, and the overall time and cost of treatment are reduced. An implant-supported solution improves prosthesis stability and helps to avoid large grafting procedures to increase bone quantity. The implant-supported overdentures are attached to a rod and with clamps or use various attachments for abutments (balls, magnets and elastic attachments such as positioners). The most suitable attachment system for your individual needs will be determined by you dentist and surgeon early in the treatment. Typically, a set of temporary teeth can be placed on the same day of surgery. Temporary teeth allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle immediately after surgery. After allowing you to heal for a short period, your dentist will install the final bridge which connects the dentures to the implants. Your quality of life will improve considerably, and you can confidently enjoy your favorite food while regaining your beautiful smile.

Implant-supported Overdentures offer many benefits, which Include:

  • A cost effective solution. These new interchangeable teeth require fewer implants per jaw than other implant-supported  methods.  This new option is a cost-effective solution as it allows lower costs due to fewer implants.
  • There is a reduced need for bone grafts. The arrangement of the two implants ensures safe and stable fixation of the removable denture and usually does not require bone grafting.
  • Faster procedure and healing time. Your new denture can sometimes be attached to the implants immediately after placement.
  • Scientific evidence. Overdentures, supported by implants, achieved excellent clinical results in a ten-year study, and achieved good results.

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