Dental Care Services to Kings Mountain, NC residents

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Besides your dental health, your satisfaction is our number one priority here at Gaston OMS. If you live in Kings Mountain, and looking for reliable dental care services, look no further and dial (704) 865-7603. Dental experts at Gaston OMS can help you improve your overall oral health.

Whether you suffer from gum diseases or need medical assistance for wisdom tooth extraction, Gaston OMS has a solution to every dental problem.

Based in Gastonia, NC, we treat clients based in Kings Mountain, as well as patients from other neighboring towns.

Gaston OMS Services For Patients from Kings Mountain and Nearby Cities

Competent Oral Surgeon

Our professional oral surgeons provide the best dental care to patients who require reconstructive dental surgeries. They specialize in positioning implants and performing tissue repair.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Delaying wisdom tooth extraction may result in serious complications. Let our dentists at Gaston OMS evaluate its progression and spot potential issues in advance. The experts can help you get rid of the pain and address any trouble you’re having while eating by performing a wisdom tooth extraction process.

Dental Implants

If you’re based in Kings Mountain and are suffering from a missing, damaged, or extracted tooth, then Dental specialists at Gaston OMS can help by recreating it. They use a titanium implant that sets or fits in one pocket of the natural tooth. It is our expertise in the procedure that sets us apart from other facilities.

Zygomatic Implants

If you’re considering getting dental implants but have a low bone mass around the gum, you can opt for Zygomatic implants. At Gaston OMS, our qualified prosthodontist use Zygomatic implants to provide your teeth more stability, allowing faster jaw restoration.

 All on 4, All on four

If toothlessness or edentulism is the reason for your dental worries, you might be looking for dental treatment that can permanently solve the problem. Gaston OMS’s specialists can provide patients with All-on-4 dental implants. The popular treatment is a permanent solution of tooth decay or missing teeth.

 Hybrid Denture

We excel at performing implant-supported hybrid denture surgery if you’re missing the upper and lower ridge. The implanted dentures can improve the strength and support of your dentures, giving maximum function and prosthetic stability.

Bone Grafting

If you have a missing healthy bone in the mouth, you need bone grafting for oral surgery or dental implants. Our dental specialists efficiently insert a piece of bone to the point where it needs to join or heal.  

If tooth decay has caused a gummy space in your mouth, reach out to Gaston OMS dental care professionals to fix it through bone grafting.

Jaw Surgery

A misaligned jaw may cause plenty of problems, including jaw joint pain, as well as difficulty in biting or chewing. We offers a comprehensive procedure for jaw surgery in Kings Mountain’s dental care facility. 

Facial Trauma

Are you looking for oral and facial surgery to look or feel your best?

We at Gaston OMS have highly-trained specialists to help you find the right solution to your maxillofacial trauma. The experienced team can treat all kinds of facial trauma-related injuries, including;

  • Fractured cheekbone
  • Fractured forehead
  • Fractured jaw
  • Fractured nose

Why Choose Us for Kings Mountain residents?

We use the latest technologies and various dental solutions to fix your dental issue. Contact us and learn more about our comprehensive specialty care.