Dental Care Services to Mt Holly, NC residents

We do everything to offer the BEST dental care to our patients!

Gaston OMS is the center of primary care for all oral and dental health concerns. Our qualified dentists work together with patients to come up with the most suitable dental care approach.  

Whether you have pre-term birth dental complications or need dental implants, we design a comprehensive dental care plan to provide you with the best diagnostic and preventive services.

Based in Gastonia, NC, we treat clients based in Mt Holly, as well as patients from other neighboring towns.

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Our Dental Care Services

Oral Surgeon

Has your tooth been bothering you for months?

It may be because your jaw has become sore or your tooth has developed a cavity. Regardless of the reason, seeing an oral surgeon is the right solution. Gaston OMS offers a wide variety of comprehensive dental care services to provide the relief you’re looking for.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Pain in the wisdom tooth is one of the common problems that can affect anyone. An impacted tooth can cause other issues, such as mild to slight soreness and swelling in the gums. 

If your wisdom tooth is causing impaction, it is time to see an expert dentist. At Gaston OMS, experts can help relieve discomfort and pain by extracting it. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants can substitute your tooth roots and provide the same function as natural roots. We offers optimal dental care to patients based in Mt Holly’s, such as dental implant services, to effectively preserve bone loss. 

Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants use your cheekbones to get support and don’t need additional bone grafting. You can complete your dental procedure with Zygomatic implants at Mt Holly’s most sought-after dental clinic whether you live in the city or a nearby location.

All on 4, All on four

All on 4, All on four is the popular treatment option dentists at Gaston OMS use to replace teeth in patients’ upper and lower row. The dental implant procedure is quite advanced as it helps patients get full-arch teeth with four implants. So far, our dental specialists have helped millions of people restore a bright smile with All-on-4 in Mt Holly.

Hybrid Denture

Gaston OMS’s hybrid denture (screw-retained) is a proven solution to replace removable prostheses that may wear out. It can provide your teeth maximum prosthetic function and stability by attaching to dental implants via a titanium framework.

Bone Grafting

Periodontal disease or teeth misalignment is the two primary reasons many people opt for bone grafting. If you live in Mt Holly, you can choose a reliable bone grafting service by Gaston OMS to restore the foundation for healthy and strong teeth.

Jaw Surgery

You may need corrective jaw surgery if your chin is receding or you have had a facial injury. At our company, we have a team of competent dentists who can fix your misaligned jaw with advanced dental techniques.

Facial Trauma

Depending on the severity of your facial injury, our experts at Gaston OMS diagnose and address maxillofacial trauma. 

Our dental care facility offers innovative treatments and personalized care based on your specific needs.

Why Choose Us at Mt Holly

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