Dental Care Services to Shelby, NC residents

Receiving dental care is about catching minor problems. That’s because when you fail to treat them in time, they can become major issues. We at Gaston OMS understand the importance of providing premium-quality dentistry solutions that you deserve.

We work with a skilled team of dental professionals and experts who are dedicated to improving your dental health!

Do you live in Shelby or a nearby city and are looking for responsible dental care? Get in touch with us for the following dental care services! Based in Gastonia, NC, we treat clients based in Shelby, as well as patients from other neighboring towns.

Services we Offer for Your Dental Emergency

Oral Surgeons in Shelby

Gaston OMS teams up with qualified oral surgeons to help you get effective treatment for your dental health problems that may require surgery. Our highly trained maxillofacial and oral surgeons are medical specialists with the core skills and expertise to administer various dental care procedures.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Has your wisdom tooth been troubling you for a long time?

If yes, then you may need a tooth extraction. Remember that there can be numerous reasons behind sharp pain radiating from the tooth. Whether it has protruded from an awkward angle or broke through the gums, if you’re located in Shelby, you’re in luck, as we can help you fix it right away.

Expert Dental Implants in Shelby

Find out which teeth replacement (dental implants or fixed bridges) suits you best if you have extracted or missing teeth by consulting Gaston OMS’s dental care professionals.

Zygomatic Implants

We are the right dental care platform if you need an alternative solution to conventional implants such as Zygomatic implants. Our professional and competent dental surgeons provide the best prosthetic surgical solutions for severe bone loss in the upper jaw.

All on 4, All on four

Gaston OMS has pro dental surgeons who specialize in revolutionary dental procedures like All-on-4 dental implants. The process offers a permanent tooth replacement for you if you have missing teeth across a row. 

Hybrid Denture

Do you want a set of teeth that not only looks natural but also functions like the real deal?

We offer a comprehensive hybrid denture procedure for your missing teeth in upper and lower arches. Our dentists thoroughly examine the oral structure and jawbone to determine if they support the post.

Bone Grafting

No longer do you need to live with missing or broken bone in the jaw. With the best dental care facility such as Gaston OMS, you can opt for a reliable bone graft to repair or rebuild broken or damaged bones.

Jaw Surgery

Who doesn’t want a confident smile and properly aligned jaw?  

If you live in Shelby, we can help restore your beautiful smile by correcting irregularities in your jaw bone. We have orthognathic specialists who can realign teeth, jawbones, minimize wear of the teeth, and fix your bite.

Facial Trauma

Whether the reason behind your maxillofacial trauma is nasal fractures or a soft tissue injury, we can take care of that. We can fix facial injuries or traumas by treating the fracture and broken bone segments. 

Why Choosing Gaston OMS

Gaston OMS has been serving patients from Shelby and cities around for years. It is a renowned service you can rely on for your dental care issues. Call us at for more details regarding our services.